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Syncs your Android smartphone to your Windows computer, so you can easily back-up the files on your phone

Syncs your Android smartphone to your Windows computer, so you can easily back-up the files on your phone

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Android PC Sync Manager is full-featured freeware that synchronizes data across Android devices and Windows PCs.

Android PC Sync Manager, also known as Android Sync for Windows, is a powerful tool that lets you manually synchronize information across Android and Windows devices. All you need is a USB connection between a PC and your Android device. You’ll then have access to a backup file that you can store on other devices and computers. This program works with all Android smartphones, tablets and other devices and any computer that runs a full version of Windows. It also supports older versions of Windows, so if you need a sync app for 98SE or ME, this is it.

Android PC Sync Manager eliminates the need to download other third-party synchronization apps. It will be compatible with all of your devices. It also eliminates the need to use the cloud. You can use the cloud as a way to move the backup files between devices, but you don’t have to. That increases security and is particularly important for users dealing with sensitive data or who have privacy concerns.

The main feature of this program is backup and restore. Backed up items are organized into six categories: contacts, SMS, call logs, images, apps and music. Quick backup and restore lets you select or unselect an entire category with one click. Just set a backup path and go. Cross-platform restoration is supported for contacts, SMS, call logs and images. Same-platform restoration is supported for apps and music. You can also choose to backup and restore on a per-file basis when necessary.

The program has an intuitive user interface that helps you access all program features without a learning curve. Better yet, all of the features are included in the free version. There’s never a need to upgrade to a paid Pro version. The design is very responsive as well. Operations occur on demand and complete fast. Import and export contacts. Manage music and other multimedia files. Read and delete emails. Access and edit your calendar, and create, edit and delete notes. It also helps you install and uninstall wallpapers and installations.

The program also provides access to a storefront with more than 600,000 apps, including free and paid. While this feature doesn’t have the scope of the Google Play store, it features most major apps. This is a particularly handy way to download some apps on your PC and install them on your Android via backup. The program also provides tools for managing files and data, and it provides numerous hardware and storage details. Another neat feature is the ability to send SMS directly from your computer.

Android PC Sync Manager is also a scanning and cleaning utility. One scan searches all connected storage for APKs and can delete some or all of them. This tool is particularly useful for finding installations you’ve forgotten about and no longer use. A second scan looks for large files. This is helpful for identifying and removing large files that programs you’ve uninstalled have left behind.

The only potential negative associated with Android PC Sync Manager is that there’s no technical support of any kind. There’s not even a website with a dedicated forum you can turn to. By and large, this won’t be an issue. The program is easy to use, and most users will require little help. If you do run into an issue, you may have to search the Internet in hopes of a resolution.


  • Free full version
  • Intuitive UI and responsive design
  • Backup and restore
  • APK scanning and cleaning


  • Lacks customer support